Habitats Regulations Assessment

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We have helped many organisations to carry out Habitats Regulations Assessments of their plans. Previous and current work includes

  • HRA of Oxford City Council Local Plan, which includes an innovative approach to dealing with the problem of multi-authority ‘in combination’ air pollution problems through car-free housing (2018)
  • HRA of the Horsham Core Strategy
  • HRA of the Liverpool Core Strategy (with Treweek Environmental Consultants)
  • HRA training for e.g. Royal Town Planning Institute, (former) Infrastructure Planning Commission, Cardiff Council, One NorthEast, Fingal County Council (Ireland), Bristol City Council, RPS
  • Reviews of various HRA/AAs for the Irish Environmental Protection Agency, East of England Regional Assembly, Friends of the Earth

Riki Therivel is co-author of the “joint consultants’ guidance on HRA”.

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