What we do

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We work for sustainable development by:

  • Developing and producing guidance and training on tools such as Sustainability Appraisal, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Habitats Regulations assessment, Integrated Assessment and Quality of Life Capital
  • Carrying out appraisals, and helping clients carry them out
  • Researching and developing institutions and governance processes for sustainable development
  • Policy research, analysis, critique and development on topics including sustainable settlements, energy, transport, food/agriculture, rural policy and economic development.

We mostly work for organisations that develop and/or influence policies.

We are ethical. We only work for organisations where we think that we can make a difference. We do not “greenwash”.

We practice what we preach: see our sustainability policy and checklist. We contribute actively to the sustainability policy community through conferences, articles, unpaid advice to NGOs, consultation responses, sitting on advisory committees etc.

We’ll always put in extra effort to push the limits and achieve excellence.